Left Wing Propagandist Matt Laslo Assigned To POTUS Pool Report… You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next

Have you ever been curious about what happens when you assign a liberal shill to cover President Trump for a pool report? To clarify, a pool report is a written report compiled by one privileged reporter who is given increased access for a period of time, that report is then distributed to other media sources to report on. Well… that’s what it’s supposed to be, anyway.

Matt Laslo is a reporter known previously only for writing hack op-eds attacking the Gateway Pundit and other conservative news sources and for appearing to be the spitting image of Lotney “Sloth” Fratelli from the 1985 Goonies movie. Unfortunately, unlike “Sloth”, Laslo is has very few redeemable qualities. When tasked with writing today’s pool report – he decided that taking continuous jabs at the President, that were then distributed to the entire White House Press, was more important than doing his job.

Both pool reports (posted below) are riddled with lines where Laslo takes every opportunity to reveal his true colors. In his first report, Laslo manages to reference something externally attacking the president while he simultaneously managing to self-promote his social media accounts: “When pool entered the tennis clubhouse CNN was on four screens reading: “NOONAN: Trump is “weak and sniveling”” until your pooler took a picture (on my Twitter and Instagram @mattlaslo)[…]” This artful liberal journalist play – self-promotion mixed with jabs at the President – seems the current the gold standard of leftist hackery.


His second report followed suit – apparently Laslo was under the false notion that President Trump, himself, was driving the vehicle at the front of the motorcade. Laslo seized on the opportunity to criticize Trump for “stopping at only five though” of the seven red lights which he believed served to “giv[e] the president a small taste of what the rest of us endure daily.”

Laslo then followed this hackery up with “Dozens of people stood watching as motorcade arrived but no one waved at the commander in chief.” Because SO OBVIOUSLY when people see a car with tinted windows they KNOW that it’s the president.

After a Gateway Pundit reporter made the pool report public on Twitter, a few American citizens had some choice words for Laslo and his “reporting style”:



As a reminder, Matt Laslo is the guy who called Gateway Pundit is a “a rabid, conspiracy-driven pro-Trump blog”… what exactly does that make reporter’s like Matt Laslo?

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