Homeless Camps Pop Up On San Francisco Bike Route (VIDEO)

In a turn that is both disgusting and sad, homeless encampments continue to pop up along a frequented San Francisco bike route.

Leave it to California’s 12th congressional district – of which Nancy Pelosi represents – to completely fail its citizens, and beyond failing its citizens, the city of San Francisco promotes and encourages the abnormal and the reprobate behavior that leads to this lifestyle.

The homeless created a pseudo-city for themselves wherein they take their belongings and camp out along the narrow bike route. Everything from shopping carts to recycling bins and makeshift tents line the route.

We joke that “this is the future liberals want”, but in heavily liberal enclaves, this really does seem to be the M.O. for cities that are run by the left.


Throughout the following video you can see an insanely grotesque and sad example of the type of culture and moral degeneracy bred when liberals control everything:

Video via San Francisco Examiner:

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