Hannity Warns He is “Very Very Close” to Going “There” With Joe and Mika – “Sick of Their BS”

After nonstop attacks from Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, President Trump created a firestorm after he fired back– And hit Mika and Joe HARD!

Sean Hannity also chimed in and attacked what he calls the ‘destroy Trump media’. Hannity has been slamming Mika and Joe on Twitter as he defends President Trump. Hannity warned that he is ‘very very close’ to going ‘there’ with them as he is sick of their BS’.

Hannity started out by calling Joe and Mika for their nonstop, personal attacks on POTUS:


Hannity called them out a second time after they accused Trump of being ‘unhinged and not well’:



After Hannity had enough of Joe and Mika, he warns, “I am very very close to going ‘there’ with Joe and Mika. Sick of their BS”

What may Sean Hannity be talking about? That remains to be seen.

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