FAKE NEWS: New York Times Issues Correction After Falling for North Korean Govt PARODY Tweet

The New York Times issued a correction related to North Korea’s successful ICBM test on Tuesday in yet another series of embarrassing blunders.

The Washington Free Beacon spotted the correction, which revolved around the New York Times citing a parody North Korea Twitter account:

“Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article attributed incorrectly a Twitter statement to the North Korean government. The North Korean government did not belittle a joint American-South Korean military exercise as ‘demonstrating near total ignorance of ballistic science,’ that statement was from the DPRK News Service, a parody Twitter account.”

View the original tweet below:

In response to the New York Times’ blunder, the DPRK News Service tweeted out the following:

“Ministry of Culture bans New York Times.”

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