Democrat Lawmaker Admits Obamacare is Failing, Still Blames ‘Evil’ and ‘Sinister’ Trump (VIDEO)

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) told CNN’s Don Lemon Tuesday evening that President Trump’s plan to let Obamacare fail is ‘evil’ and ‘sinister’. Amazingly he admitted that Obamacare is about to fail, yet still blamed Trump.

Obamacare received ZERO votes from Republicans. The Democrats own this garbage law from top to bottom, but watch them spin and lie in order to distance themselves from yet another Obama failure.

It’s funny to watch the mental gymnastics these Democrats do in order to blame President Trump and the GOP for Obamacare failing. Cory Booker is just another Democrats who has the case of socialism-hasn’t-worked-yet-because-the-right-kind-of-Socialism-hasn’t-been-tried syndrome.


CNN’s Don Lemon asked Cory Booker about his reaction to Trump saying he was going to let Obamacare fail. Lemon led in by saying, “It looks like Trump isn’t interested in working with Democrats so he doesn’t own it.”

“I mean, that’s not just cynical. It’s actually sinister,” Booker said.

Booker went on to say that Trump promised to ‘fix’ Obamacare and make it affordable for everybody.

Wasn’t Obamacare supposed to do that?

Booker blamed Trump for ‘imperiling 30 million Americans’ because Obamacare is failing. Newsflash, Booker, that is solely on the hands of Obama and all of the Democrats who supported Obamacare.

“If Obamacare fails, it’s not just going to be people saying, hey policy doesn’t just fail, that means Americans will get hurt–BADLY! And you’ll see very devastating things happen,” Booker continued.

Booker said Trump is ‘evil’ and ‘sinister’ for ‘plotting’ against the American people.

Only mentally ill liberals could place the blame on President Trump and the GOP for Obamacare failing. Not one Republican voted for Obamacare. It was set up to fail from the beginning in order to usher in a single payer program. Where were these Democrats when the middle class was getting crushed by Obamacare premiums while receiving reduced coverage?

Video via Washington Free Beacon:

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