Report: Gen. John Kelly Called Leaker Comey After He was Fired – to Express Anger at Trump over Firing

Oh no.
CNN reported today, via anonymous sources, that General John Kelly, President Trump’s new Chief of Staff, called leaker James Comey after he was fired and railed against Trump.

Now he’s Chief of Staff at the Trump White House.

Kelly was reportedly considering his resignation following the firing.

This information was leaked to CNN today.
This sounds like another James Comey leak.

Rush Limbaugh also briefly touched on this today.
Via the Rush Limbaugh website:

CNN’s reporting that Kelly, the new chief of staff, called Comey after Trump fired him to express anger at Trump for firing Comey. So Kelly’s director of Homeland Security. Trump fires Comey and Kelly calls Comey to tell him, “You got a raw deal.” Now, are you telling…? (interruption) I don’t have the New York Times website up here. (interruption) I don’t… (interruption) Oh, there it is on Fox. Okay. “Scaramucci Out as White House Communications Director.” To think, the guy lost his wife over this for a three-week gig! Did you hear about that, Dawn? (interruption)

Scaramucci’s wife divorced him when he went to work for Trump because she hates Trump. Now, they’re denying that’s the reason for the divorce.

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