Boy in Wheelchair Pres. Trump Falsely Accused of Snubbing Visited White House Last Month, Met VP Pence and FL Melania

Liberals stepped all over themselves this week by falsely accusing President Trump of snubbing a boy in a tiny wheelchair at a White House event who was seen reaching up to Trump while the president spoke with his mother and father. In actuality Trump had warmly greeted the boy at the beginning of the anti-Obamacare event held in the Blue Room on Monday. Also, it turns out the boy, Montgomery ‘Monty’ Weer, was no stranger to the White House having been received, with his mother, last month by Vice President Pence and First Lady Melania Trump.

POTUS entrance and greeting to Monty Weer around 2 minute mark.

The misleading video was posted by a Democratic House staffer who has since deleted the video and apologized when it was pointed out the clip lacked the context of Trump greeting the boy at the start of the event. The clip prompted Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling to go on an eight tweet tirade against Trump.


A preserved version of the deleted video clip:

The Weers participated in a round table discussion on June 26 with Vice President Mike Pence, Counselor to the President Advisor Kellyanne Conway and other families negatively impacted by Obamacare.

The Daily Signal reported:

(“This is the real story of Obamacare in America,” @VP says.)

Marjorie Weer spent six months negotiating with an insurance company just to clear the way for her 3-year-old son Montgomery to travel from South Carolina to see doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Monty, as the family calls him, has spina bifida, a birth defect that prevents the spinal cord from developing properly. Weer says she had to press his case with the insurer from November into April.

During Monty’s short life, the family has had three health insurance plans—under two different companies—largely because of problems caused by Obamacare, Weer says. Those plans offered the Weers few options for insurers in South Carolina and restricted coverage networks outside that state…”

More and photos at the Daily Signal.

First Lady Melania Trump posted photos to Facebook and Twitter of her meeting young Monty. The First Lady wished Monty a happy birthday, as he had turned three the day before.

“Happy belated 3rd bday (yesterday) sweet Monty! Thank you for visiting us at @WhiteHouse today!”

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