WATCH: Liberal Hack Attacks Breitbart – Lies About His Call for ISIS to Attack Trump Towers (VIDEO)

Liberal hack Malcolm Nance appeared on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” alongside Alex Marlow of Breitbart when he began to call out the editor-in-chief.

Malcolm Nance is an alleged expert on counterterrorism and is a retired member of the U.S. Navy with most of his career spent consulting via a think tank and has a bachelors in Arabic from Excelsior College. Nance has a big mouth and a big ego, and in this instance it got him trouble . . .

The attack began unprovoked and was immediately hostile from Nance:

“I sort’ve have a bone to pick with you, you’re Breitbart, right? You don’t do ‘fake news’, that’s what you’re asserting here? You know, there was this article about a thirty-five year counterterrorism expert who claimed that they wanted Trump Tower attacked, that was written in Breitbart. I got thirty-one death threats from that, and that came from your website. So, are you gonna secure that right now? You gonna apologize to me?”

After the audience applauds loudly as if Nance won some victory, he begins digging his hole deeper:

“I spent decades hunting terrorists, so . . . That’s fake as hell.”

Marlow interjects:

“You don’t have to share your bonafides with me, I respect you . . .”

Nance continues his attack:

“No, no, you can apologize to me now. Alright? I’m not threatening you . . .”

Marlow continues on calmly:

“Show me the story, and if the story is as you describe it, I’ll be happy to offer up an apology.”

Well, it turns out that Malcolm Nance is an liar because everything stated in the article can be corroborated by a tweet he sent out on April 18, 2017 writing of a picture of Trump Tower Istanbul:

“This is my nominee for first ISIS suicide bombing of a Trump property.”

Nance even was ridiculed with public derision from random individuals replying to the tweet and he was also told to delete it because, as one account replied, “this one’s gonna bite you in the ass”.

Watch the video below:

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