WATCH: ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Gets the Burqa Treatment During the #MarchAgainstSharia

Rebel Media’s Laura Loomer made a bold and hilarious statement today at the #MarchAgainstSharia in New York City when she covered the “Fearless Girl” statue with a burqa!

Saturday, people across the country gathered to march for human rights against Sharia. At the gathering in New York City, wearing the classic, red “Make America Great Again” hat, Rebel Media’s Laura Loomer carried a sign that read “No Such Thing as Islamic Feminism” and covered the “Fearless Girl” statue in New York City with a burqa.

In a comment she gave to Big League Politics, Loomer said:

“I wanted to take my sign to the statue which is supposed to be a protest against patriarchy and capitalism — to protest the most vile and oppressive patriarchy in the world, which is Islam. I also wanted to expose the hypocrisy of the left, as nobody there would disavow the patriarchy that is Sharia while celebrating this statue.”

Big League Politics reports:


“You guys don’t want to take pictures with it? Why not? You don’t like the image of a woman in a burqa? This isn’t enough feminism for you?” Loomer asked the upset crowd.

You can watch the full stream here.

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