‘Tick, Tick, Tick’ Comey Confidant Backpedals After Sending Out Cryptic Tweet Implying Bombshell Story Imminent

Benjamin Wittes, a longtime confidant of fired FBI Director James Comey sent out a cryptic tweet Friday suggesting that a bombshell story about Comey and his interactions with President Trump could soon drop.

Wittes sent out more ominous tweets Monday morning backpedaling on delivering a bombshell story on Comey and Trump, but still suggesting potential information he has will be released at a later, unspecified time.


Benjamin Wittes sent out another cryptic tweet Monday morning taunting about a possible bombshell which many took as a story involving Comey and Trump:

About 15 minutes later, Wittes sends out another ominous tweet saying, “3 things: 1) Not all ticks are related to Comey. 2) Fuse length remains uncertain. 3) Interesting preemptive defense of collusion happening.

May 16 was the first time Wittes previewed Comey stories.

Hours after Wittes posted the cryptic message that day, The Times published a shocking story: “Comey Memo Says Trump Asked Him To End Flynn Investigation.”


The piece cited a memo that Comey filed just after a Feb. 14 meeting he had with Trump at the White House. In the meeting, Comey claimed that Trump asked him to back off of an investigation into Michael Flynn, the retired lieutenant general who Trump had fired as national security adviser the previous day, The Daily Caller reports.

Wittes also sent out a cryptic message on May 18:

In the piece, Wittes recalled that Comey had told him at a lunch meeting that he sought to distance himself from Trump. Comey felt that Trump was attempting to cozy up to Comey in hopes of quashing the ongoing Russia probe.


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