Sadiq Khan Refuses to Support Ban of Hezbollah (VIDEO)

The Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, did not confirm whether he will petition the home secretary to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. Khan says he must consider if it is the “right thing to do”.

Thursday, at a Greater London Assembly meeting, UKIP Assembly Member David Kurten quizzed the London Mayor on whether he would call for Hezbollah to be designated as a terror organization, adding:

“Because that will close the loophole to stop people marching through the streets of London with a flag with a gun on it.”

Breitbart London reports:

Mr. Kurten referenced Hezbollah flags flying at the anti-Israel al-Quds Day march on Sunday, which, the AM observed, caused “great distress and alarm to lots of people”.

Khan, who was slammed by members of the capital’s Jewish community over his refusal to ban the march, curtly responded: “There’s nothing to stop you writing to the home secretary,” and told the UKIP AM he would read his letters “setting out the evidence” and consider whether writing to Ms. Rudd is “the right thing to do”.

The whole of Hezbollah is proscribed in France, Israel, The Netherlands, the U.S., Canada, Bahrain, and by the Arab League. The UK, like the European Union, only proscribes the militant wing of Hezbollah – a distinction the Lebanese Shia terror organisation itself does not make – meaning the terror group can exploit the loophole to march through London under the guise of its “political” wing.

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