Report: Liberal Jon Ossoff Has 9 Times as Many Cali Donors as GA Donors – And STILL Lives Outside District

Jon Osoff, the liberal hope for Georgia, has nine times as many donors from California as from Georgia where he is running.

Ossoff will not be allowed to vote in Tuesday’s special election for Georgia’s 6th district Congressional seat because he lives outside the district.

The Daily Caller reported:

Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff raised funds from 8.9 times as many donors in California than donors in Georgia between March 29 and May 31, according to his latest campaign finance reporting.

Ossoff, a 30-year old documentary filmmaker, faces Republican Karen Handel in a special election Tuesday to replace former Republican Rep. Tom Price who accepted President Donald Trump’s offer to serve as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. (RELATED: Ossoff Sets Record For Out Of State Donations)

He reported 7,218 donations from the state of California and 808 donations from Georgia over the past two months, according to the Mercury News. Ossoff had over 3,000 donors in the San Francisco Bay area alone, nearly four times as many donors as he had in Georgia.

Overall, between March 29 and May 31, Ossoff reported $456,296.03 from California compared to $228,474.44 from Georgia. Ossoff received more than $220,000 from the Bay area alone. The Mercury News noted that the totals were only a fraction of the actual donations since he doesn’t have to report donations of less than $200.

The race between Ossoff and Handel for Georgia’s 6th district, a historically Republican enclave of suburban Atlanta communities, has become the most expensive congressional race in American history.

Ossoff is good for San Francisco, NOT Georgia!

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