NSA Leaker’s Parents: ‘She Was Afraid She Was Going to Disappear’ (VIDEO)

As TGP previously reported, 25-year-old Reality Leigh Winner, a federal contractor, was arrested over the weekend and is facing charges that she removed classified material from a government facility and mailed it to a news outlet.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed Reality Winner’s mother and step-father. Winner’s mother said her daughter is afraid she was ‘going to disappear’.

Anderson Cooper asked Reality Winner’s mother what her daughter has discussed with her since the arrest, she responded:


“She came home from the grocery store, she was followed into her driveway and into her home by FBI agents. She said she was very scared. They took her by surprise. She was not expecting any of this. She said they were all armed. She was arrested from that point.”

Anderson Cooper said that prosecutors confronted her and she did admit to leaking a classified document.

Winner’s mother said that her daughter didn’t admit to leaking the classified document to her, but was terrified and she was afraid ‘she was going to disappear’.

Winner’s mother and step-father said that they didn’t know what company their daughter worked for ‘for obvious reasons’ and that it was a ‘rule, you don’t ask..I didn’t know what she did…I didn’t what she did when she went to work. No idea whatsoever.’

Reality Winner did not hide her hatred for President Trump. In fact, her social media was littered with vicious attacks on the President. Read all of her lovely outbursts on Social Media here and here.


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