French President Emmanuel Macron is Attempting to Control French Media

Emmanuel Macron is consolidating his power and is moving toward a strange type of takeover that can only be won under the auspice of a major terrorist threat.

Macron has already pushed forward a bill to put stance in a permanent “state of emergency”, and now several French media outlets claim that Macron’s government is “clamping down” on freedom of the press.

Macron’s government is attempting to impose “various controls on the press”. The fear should be real for media figures that wish to report the truth. Macron is either afraid of losing power due to a scandal, or he is hungry for more power and more control and thus . . .

From “#MacronGate” to the nefarious behavior of those associated to Macron personally and his party/government, the threat of a true totalitarian takeover of France by Macron should be kept in mind as he progresses forward with his unique form of government control.


Breitbart reports:

Last week, the Minister of Justice François Bayrou attempted to put pressure on broadcaster Radio France for “harassment” shortly before allegations emerged he was involved in a fake jobs scandal, L’Express reports.

Bayrou is said to have paid assistants using European Union funds, something he has denied. The accusations are similar to the “fake job scandal” which dramatically hurt Republican presidential candidate François Fillon in the first round of the French presidential election.

Two days later on June 9th, the Labour Minister Muriel Pénicaud filed an injunction against an unknown leaker for theft and possession of government documents after the magazine Libération published the leaked documents. The documents are said to have been in relation to the proposed plans to reform the French labour code.

The two instances are not the first time Macron and his government have tried to either control the press or seek legal action . . .

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