HOT AIR=>Al Gore Claims Syrian Civil War Caused by Climate Change

‘Global Warming’ charlatan, Al Gore blew more hot air while speaking at the South Korean resort island of Jeju during the “Challenges and Opportunities of Climate Change” Forum for Peace and Prosperity on Thursday.

The Korea Herald reports:

Climate crisis-induced food shortages were behind the Arab revolutions in 2010 known as the Arab Spring, former United States Vice President Al Gore said Thursday, making the case for action to counter climate change as a growing cause of social instability.

“(It was) a significant event because a food vendor in Tunisia at the peak of the food crisis set himself on fire and the video of that self-immolation caused the Arab Spring,” he said, referring to the democracy protests that originated in Tunisia. “His last words were not ‘Down with the Tyrant,’ his last words were ‘How am I supposed to live?’

“(Nevertheless) the connection between climate crisis and political instability is an issue that has not yet received enough attention,” he stressed.

Also behind the outbreak of the Syrian civil war were climate change-triggered food problems, Gore also said, highlighting that a climate-related drought from 2006-2010 destroyed 60 percent of all the farms in the country and drove 1.5 million climate refugees into the cities of Syria.

“When these climate refugees collided with another 1.5 million refugees from the Iraq War in the cities of Syria, the social explosion happened,” according to Gore.

Using Al Gore’s ‘logic’, he directly contributed to the ‘Climate Refugees’ given that he heats and air-conditions several mansions, flies around in private jets and cruises around in stretch limousines.


Al Gore is the Trofim Lysenko of our time. He’s a complete fraud who has made money hand over fist peddling global warming junk science. How does Al Gore explain 1400 years of non-stop Islamic wars?

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