German Senior Defense Official: ‘In the End, There Will Be a European Army’

A German senior defense official called for a European Army on Monday.

Hans-Peter Bartels, the German national defense commissioner, “called for Nato’s EU members to organise [sic] their militaries into a single force”.

This single force would be wholly detrimental to the sovereignty of individual nation-states and would effectively squash any sort of justified or necessary overthrow of an EU member’s governmental system, perhaps it would even inhibit other “–exit”’s.

The Telegraph reports:

“In the end, there will be a European army . . . We are currently disorganized, technically fragmented and duplicate structures unnecessarily . . . We do not want to go down the solitary national path any more. Not in Germany, not in the Netherlands, not in the Czech Republic and not in Italy . . . Every step in the right direction is important.”

It is important to note that France (helmed by Merkel lapdog Emmanuel Macron) and Germany (led by the intolerable Angela Merkel) call consistently for a European army. Meanwhile, Germany already co-opted the Netherlands by merging a number of units.


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