CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Gets Destroyed on Twitter After Praising ‘Trump Assassination’ Play as ‘Masterpiece’

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria praised a NYC production of Julius Caesar where a Donald Trump lookalike is assassinated by being repeatedly stabbed in the third act.

The left is obsessed with the idea of President Trump being assassinated. Kathy Griffin recently did an ISIS-inspired photoshoot holding Trump’s severed head dripping blood. Rapper Snoop Dogg also did a rap video where he shot a President Trump lookalike in the head. The left is a violent, seditious political faction that must be stopped.

Video of Trump ‘assassination’ just in case you missed it:

Remember when the ‘rodeo clown‘ who wore an Obama mask was fired? CNN was one of the outlets who spearheaded the pile on to have him fired. But CNN has no problem with President Trump being ‘assassinated’ because an Obama mask is a much worse offense according to the VERY FAKE NEWS outlet.

CNN recently fired Reza Aslan for profane tweets toward President Trump and cut Kathy Griffin’s contract following her Trump beheading stunt. Fareed Zakaria not only has unleashed a profanity-laced tirade towards President Trump live on air, he is now praising the ‘assassination’ of a sitting U.S. President. CNN should cut ties with him or face the backlash.


Bank of America also announced that they will be withdrawing their funding from the Public Theater because of the ‘Trump assassination’:


Zakaria got destroyed on Twitter



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