Imam ADMITS ‘Manchester Terrorist Killed People Believing He Would Be With Prophet Mohammed That Night’ (VIDEO)

Australian Imam, Tawhidi of the Islamic Association of South Australia did an interview to discuss the Manchester terrorist attack and Islamic terrorism. Instead of deceiving the public, he actually told the truth about Islam and what the Quran teaches Muslims. 

Imam Tawhidi said Islam is a religion of war and that the Manchester terrorist killed people thinking he would be with the prophet Mohammed that night.

Imam Tawhidi: “A month doesn’t go by without a terrorist attack happening somewhere around the world and for the past 1,400 years, we have had a religion of war. That’s exactly what we have had. This is not a–this is not something I’m imagining. These are facts, We’ve had many wars.

How did Islam spread from Saudi Arabia down to Indonesia and Bosnia? All spread by the sword. We’ve had many wars and for someone to come and say these Islamic scriptures have nothing to do with it…I mean that’s against the facts. That’s not true. The Islamic scriptures is exactly what is pushing these people to behead the infidel.

Let me tell you something. The people that are beheading–that mister uh uh the person that killed the young girls in Manchester did so believing he was going to die with the prophet Mohammad that very night and that is because the Islamic scriptures tell him.”

At this point, the other Muslim on the panel interrupted Imam Tawhidi trying to refute what he was saying. Imam Tawhidi hit back saying, “Do not lie to the Australian nation. You cannot sit there and lie to the Australian people. Our books teach the beheading of people!”


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