WATCH: NYC Anti-Sharia Law Rally Draws Crowd, Powerful Speakers

Over 100 people attended today’s anti-terrorism rally in New York City, wherein a wealth of new right and new media figures attended, spoke, and live-streamed the day’s events.

Despite the rain, the anti-extremism, anti-Sharia, anti-terrorism rally went off without a hitch. The crowd was excited and animated and the speakers were rousing in their condemnation of terrorism, Islamic extremism, and Sharia Law.

At the heart of the rally was the condemnation of the empowerment of a figure like Linda Sarsour who has been given a platform of open-arms from the left. She is only famous, of course, because of her ties to Islamic extremism and terrorism, so in short, she is the embodiment of the evil of Sharia Law and Islamic extremism here in the U.S.

Speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos, Pam Geller, and Gavin McInnes charmed and educated the audience and presented clear and logical arguments as to why all of these things must be discussed and debated, and beyond discussion and debate, the speakers broached the topic of fighting against these toxic ideologies and practices.


The following are some images from today’s event:

You can watch the full event below:

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