REPORT: Portland Killer Voted for Bernie, Reported by Trump Supporters to Police, Who Did Nothing (VIDEO)

Jeremy Christian, a man who killed two people in Portland and was shouting about Islam, was not a Trump supporter, nor a member of the new right.

Mike Cernovich reported—
Christian was also allegedly unstable and this is well documented and obvious based on his action.

Jeremy Christian, whose politics are as unclear as the reasoning behind the murders he committed, has a history of being unstable and violent and, in fact, Trump supporters reported him to the police. This was after he was kicked out of a free speech event by those very same Trump supporters.
The police ignored it.

The following video shows his behavior at the Free Speech event:

Mike Cernovich tweeted earlier that a source informed him that Christian is a Bernie supporter that would “intentionally start scuffles and do Nazi salutes for attention”:

Further investigation by JJ MacNab corroborate his instability and his bizarre political beliefs:

The following image was taken from his Facebook page and posted by MacNab:

He also showed respect for mass-murderer Timothy McVeigh:

Christian also has an extensive criminal record:

Furthermore, it has been alleged that Christian was a Bernie supporter posing as a Trump supporter to discredit pro-Trump individuals:


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