WHAT MEDIA BIAS? Lunatic Newsweek Editor Kurt Eichenwald Wishes Death and Torture to GOP Lawmakers

 Kurt Eichenwald, a “senior writer” at Newsweek, made a name for himself as “the victim” of cyber-bullying when he sued a Twitter user for posting a flashing gif in a tweet.

But the tables have turned.

Just yesterday, Eichenwald wished (via Twitter) that Republicans who voted for the AHCA see family members DIE from a serious illness after losing their health insurance.

Eichenwald’s  tweets read:

“As one w/ preexisting condition: I hope every GOPr who voted 4 Trumpcare sees a family member get long term condition, lose insurance, & die”

“Nobody tell me how to feel knowing if I lose my insurance, Im dead. I want the GOPrs who support this to feel the pain in their own families”

“because I want them to be tortured. GOPrs only gain empathy when they are touched by the consequences, never before”

Eichenwald then went on another attack, this time against journalist Peter J. Hasson of the Daily Caller, you can read the exchange below. Since he deleted his tweets, we have screenshots of his vile rhetoric. The Daily Caller also documented his unhinged tweet storm which you can read here.

Eichenwald then issued a statement to the Daily Caller, which you can read below:


Eichenwald also got a man arrested earlier this year on a bogus charge of “cyberstalking”, and on top of this, he advocates heavily for the repeal of the Second Amendment. Class act.

UPDATE: He’s back at it folks:

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