EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Inside MILO’s Miami “Meme Mansion” For The #CincoDeMilo Party!

Last night, Milo Yiannopoulos threw his much anticipated #CincoDeMilo party to celebrate his new company “Milo INC.” In addition, Milo announced his plans to sue Simon and Schuster, the publisher that previously dropped his book deal back in February, for $10 million.

Standing in front of a packed crowd Milo declared, “I want to send them a message that they can never again do this to a libertarian or a conservative.”

Along with Milo’s new brand launch and lawsuit, the conservative firebrand announced his new tour, titled “Troll Academy,” where he will be scouting up-and-coming conservative talent.

Milo and his fans.

Milo and more fans.

Milo and Cassandra Fairbanks.

The Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich with Cassandra, Ali and Mike Ma.

Jack Posobiec and Ali

Roger Stone

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