After Snub, Trump Manhandles Macron With Stern Handshake Like the Manlet He Is (VIDEO)

President Trump showed his strength today in Brussels at the NATO summit not only with his words, but he showed his assertiveness physically as well.

The fake news media created yet another scandal today, also known as Thursday. Left-wing media outlets like CNBC and CNN posted a video of President Trump at the NATO summit in Brussels and claimed Trump shoved Prime Minister Markovic of Montenegro.

Montenegro isn’t officially a NATO member…yet.


President Trump gave Macron a very stern handshake after Macron snubbed him. Macron greeted Merkel and ignored President Trump at first. Trump then put his hand out for a handshake and Macron got manhandled. Trump really made Macron look like a petulant child.


Here’s a close-up of the handshake…

Here is round one of the handshake showdown between POTUS Trump and Macron…


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