Sexual Assault Activists Publish Hoax Implicating Innocent Student, Then Shift Blame

An anonymous anti-rape activist group from Brown University that routinely publishes the names of students who have been accused of rape targeted minorities directly.

The group, Brown Survivors Speak, “outed” someone who is completely innocent.

In this instance, the virtue signaling leftist nonsense went a step too far…

A dry submission listed a student’s name and the group instantly jumped on it, resulting in the student being “outed”. The group previously NEVER vetted a single claim.

The group attempted to flip the script on the story by claiming that a “rape apologist” tricked them. Simply put, they were trolled and fell for it. The following is a screenshot from the pseudonymous spokesperson “Marie Turner”:

(via The College Fix)

The College Fix reports:

Inspired by an earlier “rape list” published at Brownin 1990, Brown Survivors encouraged women to scrawl the names of students they accused of sexual violence in women’s restroom stalls in the basement of the Rockefeller Library.

. . .

[Its] members could be held responsible for property damages to bathroom stalls, spokesman Brian Clark said he would just be “speculating about violations” which could include harassment or defamation, concerning the group’s public labeling of students as sexual-assault perpetrators.

The false rape accusation make headlines nearly every day and destroy lives.  Campus life is a very dangerous place for young men at today’s universities.

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