REPORT: White House Advisor Gary Cohn Shut Down Trump Proposal for ‘Wall Bonds’ to #BuildTheWall

Registered Democrat and White House Chief Economic Adviser, Gary Cohn shut down a proposal to crowd-fund the Mexican border wall, according to a new report by GotNews.

Cohn felt that deciding to use wall bonds to finance the border wall through private financing would “upset House Speaker Paul Ryan and Congress”, despite bonds being “perfectly constitutional”.

Back in March, Republican Congressman Don Young put forward an idea wherein the government could “sell bonds to finance the wall, and offer public finances 2.5% interest”.

Based on public records from the New York state Board of Elections, and courtesy of GotNews, Cohn is still a registered Democrat.


GotNews reports:

Cohn left his role as Goldman Sachs chief operating officer in January to join the Trump administration. Goldman is coming come under fire for its purchase last week of $2.8 billion in bonds propping up the regime of Venezuelan socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro.

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