REPORT: THOUSANDS of Foreign Citizens Registered to Vote in Virginia

While the MSM and coastal elites complain about unsubstantiated claims of foreign interference on the U.S. presidential election, the reality is that foreign nationals are voting in our elections and there is proof.

Tuesday, a report was released that documents 5,556 voter registrations that were canceled due to citizenship defects. A large number of the individuals canceled showed up on the voter rolls despite the fact on their voter registration forms, they were shown to be alien and not eligible to vote.

Thousands of registrants removed due to citizenship defects cast ballots based on voter history records.

The report documents efforts taken by state and local election officials to HIDE the extent of non-citizen voting. An internal email even revealed that there were efforts to alter public records so that they could hide the fraud.


The 5,556 that were removed due to citizenship defects in Virginia are only the “tip of the iceberg”. The 5,556 were caught by ACCIDENT after the alien told the state agency their citizenship status AFTER registering to vote. If they had not blundered and provided inconsistent answers as to their citizenship status, they would have gone completely under the perceived radar.

Back in 2016, PILF (Public Interest Legal Foundation), the same folks who did this current report, state that they attempted to acquire election records illustrating registrants removed for citizenship defects. Federal law states that maintenance records are “subject to public inspection”. The election officials declined to demonstrate any form of transparency.

J. Christian Adams for PJ Media writes:

[I]t took three separate federal lawsuits — against Alexandria City, Manassas City, and Chesterfield County — filed by PILF to finally obtain the information.
Along the way, other election officials in internal email discussions obtained by PILF contemplated altering list maintenance records to conceal the extent of cancellations for citizenship status.

For example, Arlington County General Registrar Linda Lindberg, in an email obtained by PILF, contemplated providing an altered and shorter list of registrants removed for citizenship problems. Her email stated:

“This group [PILF] has and will interpret the fact that there may be voting credit on the cancelled record as “illegal aliens” registering and voting, despite the voter having subsequently affirmed his citizenship. …  I am going to delete or otherwise notate these names from my report, either by deleting the rows from the Excel version or marking them on the report.”

Lindberg specifically contemplated hiding the full report of non-citizen cancellations from PILF and then producing an abbreviated list that excluded anyone on the list who subsequently cast a ballot regardless of the timing of any naturalization process.

View three examples of those registered to vote despite not having the required citizenship status:

Read the full report by Adams here.

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