REPORT: South Korea Fires at Suspected North Korean Drone That Crossed DMZ

Tuesday, the South Korean military fired warning shots at what they suspect was a North Korean drone as tensions rise in the region to dangerous levels.

The actual identity of the object was vague, based on what the military reported, but Yonhap news agency declared that it was possibly a drone and more than 90 shots were fired from the South Korean military before the object disappeared from radar.

Reuters reports:

South Korea’s military fired warning shots at a suspected drone from North Korea on Tuesday amid tension over Pyongyang’s latest missile test which drew international condemnation and a warning from China.

The incursion came with tension already high on the Korean peninsula after the North’s test-launch of a ballistic missile test on Sunday which Pyongyang said proved advances in its pursuit of building a nuclear-tipped weapon that can hit U.S. targets.

The United States has been trying to persuade China, North Korea’s lone major ally, to do more to rein in North Korea, which has conducted dozens of missile launches and tested two nuclear bombs since the start of last year, in defiance of U.N. Security Council sanctions and resolutions.

The North has made no secret of its plans to develop a missile capable of striking the United States and has ignored calls to halt its weapons programs, even from China. It says the program is necessary to counter U.S. aggression.

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