Rape VICTIM Sentenced to Death by Stoning

A tribal court in Pakistan ordered a rape victim to be put to death by stoning or sold off as a slave.

The 19 year-old girl said she was raped by her cousin at gunpoint.
The tribal court ordered her to be stoned to death.
The Tribune reported:

Four men were booked in Rajanpur on Saturday for their involvement in a Panchayat (unofficial village court) declaring a teenage girl, who was allegedly raped by a relative, a ‘Kari’.

The 19-year-old girl was ordered to be either killed or sold off on charges of adultery levelled against her, the area’s police said.

Fazilpur police SHO Husnain Shah told The Express Tribune that the girl approached the police following the order.
In her statement, the girl claimed that she and her family were asleep at their home on Friday night when Khaleel Ahmed sneaked inside and raped her at gunpoint.

She added that as he was armed, she could not call out for help.

Karo-Kari: Two women gunned down for ‘honour’

The next day when the family learnt of the incident, they approached the Panchayat.

Four men, including Muhammad Shafee, the father of the alleged rapist, forced the Panchayat to pronounce Shumaila a Kari on Thursday. The girl’s father was forced to accept the decision.

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