Pope Francis Blesses Melania Trump’s Rosary, Liberal Snowflakes Have a Meltdown (VIDEO)

President Trump and First Lady, Melania arrived at the Vatican as a part of their first foreign trip. President Trump had a brief meeting with Pope Francis discussing ‘climate change’ and the Middle East crisis.

Pope Francis then blessed Melania Trump’s rosary and the left went crazy.

First Lady, Melania looked exquisite in all black as she respectfully wore a veil in the presence of Pope Francis. She shunned Islamic law by refusing to wear a hijab in Saudi Arabia, so the liberals had a meltdown over this. Leave it to the liberals to turn something this beautiful into something negative.

Reminder to all liberals: Melania Trump isn’t Muslim and doesn’t need to wear a hijab!

VIDEO via ABC News:


President Trump also expressed what an honor it was to meet Pope Francis:


First Lady Melania Trump tweeted, “Today’s visit with His Holiness Pope Francis is one I’ll never forget. I was humbled by the honor. Blessings to all.” The Daily Mail reported that Melania Trump’s spokesperson confirmed that she is a practicing Roman Catholic. We haven’t had a Catholic First Lady since Jackie Kennedy. God Bless our beautiful First Lady.


Liberals had a complete meltdown after our beautiful First Lady met Pope Francis at the Vatican:

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