Ouch! Hillary Blames Comey, Russian Wikileaks for Election Shellacking – Kellyanne Conway Responds

Hillary Clinton took full responsibility for her election loss this week — except for Comey, Putin, WikiLeaks, misogyny, and the media.

Crooked Hillary Clinton: “I take absolute personal responsibility. I was the candidate. I was the person who was on the ballot and I am very aware of the challenges, the problems, the shortfalls that we had… But I was on the way to winning until the combination of Jim Comey’s letter on October 28 and Russia WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off.

On Tuesday Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway responded to the former First Lady:

“You Ignored WI
Called us deplorable/irredeemable
Had oodles of $$ & no message
Lost to a better candidate

From: Woman in the White House”


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