NOW: French Election Commission SILENCING Truth About #MacronGate Document Release

The French election commission along with French media outlets are trying their hardest to quell any conversation about Emmanuel Macron’s email/document leak so that it does not affect Sunday’s election.

The threats go so far as to claim that reading the content may be ILLEGAL according to a Reuters report.

France sought to keep a computer hack of frontrunner Emmanuel Macron’s campaign emails from influencing the outcome of the presidential election, with the electoral commission warning on Saturday that it may be a criminal offense to republish the data.

The election commission, which supervises the electoral process, warned social and traditional media not to publish the hacked emails lest they influence the vote outcome, but may find it difficult to enforce its rules in an era where people get much of their news online, information flows freely across borders and many users are anonymous.

In France, there is no other alternative to the MSM. There is no Fox News, Breitbart, or Gateway Pundit – essentially, they live in a world wherein CNN is their only outlet.

The data dump occurred late this last week and served up some damning information of the French front-runner. In all, this is something that the French people deserve to know about and instead, the MSM and their counterparts in the U.S. are attempting to silence this pertinent information.

BuzzFeed, among other outlets, is doing En Marche! and Macron’s dirty work. They went so far as to publish an article titled “Dear France: You Just Got Hacked. Don’t Make the Same Mistakes We Did”, this is, of course, a reference to the liberal narrative that the U.S. was “hacked” because Crooked Hillary didn’t win.



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