Karl Rove: ‘Our Biggest Current Leaker is Comey’ (VIDEO)

Former President George W. Bush’s Chief of Staff Karl Rove spoke on FOX Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” about the steady flow of White House leaks and where he feels they originate from.

While holding a small whiteboard with suspects listed on it, Rove begins:

Our biggest current leaker is Comey, who is obviously going back to his notes, and his internal memoranda and through a friend or friends leaking them to the press. We have government officials – people who are career officials who have been privy to some things that have occasionally been sort of sourced in the coverage. We’ve got former government officials, this happened particularly in January and February, these were people who were, you know, obviously served in the Obama administration and had some connection inside the administration or an agency. But here are the two troubling ones, White House staffers, outside of the intel area, this is the principle source of the leaks against the administration. I counted up in one Washington Post story eleven negative quotes about things going on in the West Wing from nine – at least nine – staffers in the West Wing and then we’ve got, of course, friends. Some of them, who are real friends, and some of them who are styled as friends, who are quoted, people who have visited the West Wing or talked to Trump or claimed to have talked to Trump, but this, I’ve never seen anything like this in my life, this much leaking.”

Fox Business reports:

Rove thinks Trump needs to send a clear and direct message throughout the West Wing that any feedback against the administration is detrimental to the president’s ability to invoke policies that will better serve the American people.

You can watch the full video and hear all of Rove’s insights below:


Former Whitewater Independent Counsel Robert Ray also commented asserting that, “You are always going to deal with career people in Washington who don’t owe political alliance to you. They are an important part of government which the president I think has come to understand.”

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