On International Socialists Day – Here’s a List of 100 Million Communist Murders and Deaths in Last 100 Years

Far left protesters march with Communist flags past the White House on Saturday.

Leftists will march today in cities across the Western world in celebration of Marxist and Socialist policy.

But the reality of socialism does not match the picture painted by our far left media and on college campuses. Socialism has ALWAYS resulted in failed economies, police states, and mass loss of life. ALWAYS! If a Socialist system has not yet failed – just give it another 15 years.


Imperial Communism took the lives of an estimated 100 million innocent men, women and children in the last century.

Communist murders

But leftists are still pushing this evil doctrine – 100 million dead bodies is not enough.

Victims of Communism put this video together for May Day – theSocialist international holiday.

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