Failing NYT Blogger Glenn Thrush Asks if POTUS “Has a Thing” for “Totalitarian Leaders”, Ignores Obama’s Attacks on Freedom

Shortly after the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, attended by tuxedo and ballgown-clad hack journalists and America’s least funny comedians, Monday’s briefing kicked off in (more or less) the usual way. After Press Secretary Sean Spicer laid out the President’s schedule and agenda, questions were fielded to the room half filled with liberal hyenas working to undermine the administration. Glenn Thrush, perhaps after feeling empowered this weekend after the abysmally unfunny Hasan Minjah referred to the media as “persecuted heroes” before calling [actual] media hero Steve Bannon a Nazi, asked Spicer whether President Trump “has a thing” for “totalitarian leaders”. Thrush continued, “Does he admire something about the way these guys conduct themselves?”

Mr. Thrush did not see the irony behind asking that question to the Trump administration after a decade of Obama attempting to filibuster, attack, shut-down, wiretap, and imprison journalists (hallmarks of many Totaleteraion regimes).

POTUS’ choice to meet with hostile leaders and dictators is a pragmatic and essential move by the administration; so far President Trump’s meetings with foreign leaders have resulted in mutually beneficial arrangements and a renewed sense of diplomacy.

Composed, Spicer went on to explain how diplomacy works to Mr. Thrush:

“There is a lot that this president talks to these leaders in private about,” Spicer said, adding that “building a relationship” with other international leaders is “better for achieving results” and avoiding conflict. “The president understands the type of negotiating, the type of deal-making, the type of results that get real results.”


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