Esquire Writer Luke O’Neil Is A Snitch, Gets Breitbart Writer Charlie Nash Banned From Twitter

Wednesday, Twitter suspended prominent Breitbart writer Charlie Nash for twelve hours because he wrote a word used to both to denigrate a straight person’s intelligence and insult a gay guy.

Charlie Nash is a member of the LGBT community, the person he tweeted at is not. Nash called a straight, leftist “journalist” a “f*ggot” because he was threatening to get a lawyer involved after being blocked by President Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account. Nash was then lectured by another straight journalist about how “bad” the word is while musing about reporting him. Charlie then said, “Go snitch, f*ggot”, which resulted in the suspension of Charlie’s account.


Because Nash is right-wing, and regardless of the fact that he is bi, he is still attacked by the left because he is not their ideal “victim”. Reality is, the “N” word is wholly irresponsible, and yet the black community has turned the word into their property, yet a word like “f*ggot” is not able to be used by the same community that the word was meant to offend?

UPDATE: AS OF 12:15EST Charlie’s account has been restored.

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