Desperate Liberal Sycophants on CNN Talk About Hillary Presidential Run in 2020 (VIDEO)

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin interviewed two liberal sycophants on Friday morning before Hillary’s commencement speech at Wellesley.  They immediately started to talk about her role in the Democrat party and of course brought up Hillary going for her third run for president in 2020.

The Democrats are officially desperate when all they have is two-time loser, Hillary Clinton to look to as their ‘savior’.

WaPo editor David Swerdlick and Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times gushed over Hillary Clinton Friday morning on ‘CNN Newsroom’.


Swerdlick: “Secretary Clinton is sort of finding her groove, post-election,”

“She’s been laying low for awhile. Wellesley is a home game for her…She is now free of the election cycle to sort of speak her mind, maybe in a limited way, about what she sees in the political events surrounding the Trump campaign.”

“I’m not going to 100 percent rule out Secretary Clinton for 2020. I just, something tells me she hasn’t let it go.” “I think a lot of people may be in your camp. We’ll watch. We’ll see.”


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