BREAKING=>Hannity to Make HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT Tonight About Seth Rich and His Future at Fox News

Sean Hannity took to his Twitter account to tell his nearly 2.5 million followers that he will be making a huge announcement tonight about Seth Rich, Trump/Russia collusion corrupt media and the liberal effort to silence him.


Earlier, Sean Hannity tweeted out a plea for help because George Soros’ Media Matters is trying to silence him, get him fired, and is pressuring his radio & TV advertisers to abandon him!



Media Matters has been attacking Conservative outlets in an attempt to silence opposition. Breitbart and TGP have been hit as our advertisers have been pressured to pull back support.


TGP reported on George Soros’ plan of attack in a new reveal of Media Matters playbook:



Progressive media platforms are not positioned for this fight . . . They advocate for progressive issues, but avoid partisan combat.

The Trump campaign spoke directly to voters – and not just through Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. It used Facebook, and racist and misogynistic (often fake) news sites with massive followings, to take both his vitriol and his lies straight to the people.

Embolden by Trump’s victory, this messaging apparatus, led by Breitbart, will only become more dangerous in the next four years.”

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