BREAKING: One Dead After Multiple People Stabbed at University of Texas in Austin (VIDEO)

Austin, Texas – One person is confirmed dead after multiple people were stabbed at University of Texas. Suspect is in custody.

Via Fox News:

A stabbing attack on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin on Monday killed one person and wounded at least two others, emergency workers said, as school officials confirmed a suspect was in custody.

The stabbing unfolded near Gregory Gym, Fox 7 reported. Police said two of the victims were stabbed and a third was “assaulted” before one of them died.

The suspect grabbed a man by the shoulder and stabbed him in the back with a small, curved knife, freshman Rachel Prichett told the news station. “He got slashed open.”

Prichett said that as students ran away screaming, she spotted a second man slumped over at a table, bleeding but alive.

There was “no additional immediate threat” to the campus, according to a text message sent from university officials to students.

Campus newspaper The Daily Texan tweeted a photo of a man identified as the suspect. He had a beard and appeared to be carrying a knife in a sheath.

Story is still developing. TGP will be updating as more information becomes available.



VIDEO via Fox News:

Featured Photo: The Daily Texan Twitter account

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