WOW! #NeverTrumper Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard Smears Cernovich, Jim Hoft and Sean Hannity in Same Hit Piece

WTH? Weekly Standard Runs Hit Piece on Trump Supporters

With Friends Like the Weekly Standard – Who Needs Enemies?
The Weekly Standard posted a hit piece on Mike Cernovich, The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft and Sean Hannity in their May 8, 2017 print edition.

The article by Mark Hemingway included the worst photos they could find of Mike Cernovich and Jim Hoft.

This is going out in the May edition–

The Weekly Standard was founded by Bill Kristol who was a conservative favorite for many years. Unfortunately for Bill he became a very prominent #NeverTrumper before – and after – the 2016 election. According to New York magazine’s tally, he has predicted “peak Trump” — Trump’s crest as a candidate — 11 times before the first primary election.

Kristol also attacked Trump and ran with the unfounded Putin conspiracy along with the liberal media.

Obviously many of the Trump bashers are still hurting from the November election – including many Republican Trump-bashers.
How low will they go before they climb out of their hole?


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