Video: Man Strangled, Robbed by Black Lives Matter Protesters

Two Black Lives Matter protesters have been arrested for an attack in Portland, Oregon on March 29 caught on video that shows one attacker twice putting a man in a strangle hold while another attacker steals the man’s eyeglasses. The protesters were charged with strangulation and robbery, respectively. The alleged robber is reportedly being held on $250,000 bail.

The attack was filmed by journalist Mike Bivins and posted to Twitter.

Another version that shows (at the end) the woman who was jabbing the man was posted to Twitter by Allan Brettman, a reporter with the Oregonian.


The Bivins video shows a man engaging protesters who were gathered at the City of Portland Building to express outrage over the failure for charges to be brought in the February police shooting death of 17 year old Black male Quanice Hayes who was a suspect in an armed robbery. A woman is seen jabbing and grabbing the man by the lapel of his suit. When he pushes her away a man intervenes and the two men jaw back and forth chest to chest. The man is grabbed from behind by someone else and put in a choke hold. The man who intervened then takes the eyeglasses off the face of the man being choked and steps away. The victim is released from the stranglehold and pursues and catches the man who stole his glasses and throws him down. The victim is then placed in a new, stronger stranglehold by the same person who choked him before, while the thief walks away from the skirmish. Eventually a security guard intervenes.

The person charged in the stranglehold is Lucy Elizabeth Smith. Smith reportedly was arrested that day, charged with fourth-degree assault and strangulation, and released on no bail.

Lucy Elizabeth Smith, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office

Philip Stan Schaefer was arrested Sunday and charged with second-degree robbery and coercion in the attack. Schaefer is reportedly being held on $250,000 bail.

Philip Stan Schaefer, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office

Schaefer was filming police officers while they drank coffee at a Portland Starbucks when one of the officers recognized Schaefer as being wanted, reported OregonLive.

A Portland man who decided to film police officers having a cup of coffee Sunday morning in a Northeast Portland Starbucks was recognized by one of the officers as a man featured on a wanted bulletin.

Philip Stan Schaefer, 45, was promptly arrested and taken to jail.

He was accused of second-degree robbery and coercion in connection with an incident that occurred during a protest in connection with the death of Quanice Hayes, a 17-year-old boy fatally shot by a Portland police officer in February.

…Schaefer had been sought following an encounter he allegedly had with a man outside the building during protest.

The incident had been caught on camera, and his picture had been used on a wanted bulletin issued by the bureau.

On Sunday, while Schaefer was filming police officers, one of the officers recognized him as the man on the bulletin, police said.

Photos from the protest that were posted to Twitter.

Organizers of the protest are claiming Schaefer was defending a woman (when he was seen on video stealing the eyeglasses).

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