SWEDENISTAN – McDonald’s in Sweden Sends Out Mailers in Arabic to Accommodate Muslim Migrants

Sweden used to be a peaceful country, home to beautiful tall blonde-haired blue-eyed women. Now, because of the massive invasion of 3rd world Muslim migrants, it has turned into the rape capital of the world.

Women in Islamic clothing wander around Sweden and violent Muslim men beat and rape the Swedish natives. McDonald’s is also doing their part to make sure that Sweden loses their language and identity by catering to their new demographic, Arabs.

An independent journalist in Sweden posted this mailer from McDonald’s to his Twitter account.


McDonald’s saw the backlash on social media so they actually responded and tried to defend their decision to print mailers in Arabic claiming that there is Swedish on the other side.


McDonald’s in this part of Sweden clarified that they don’t use Halal meat…yet. Wait until the Islamic supremacists fight this!

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