POTUS TRUMP: ‘Get to Mars During My First Term’ (VIDEO)

You heard him! The President has just announced that he is instructing astronauts to get to Mars within his first term – but if it all doesn’t happen that fast, he’d be happy with it happening during his second term.

President Trump’s charm was on full display today as he talked with NASA representatives about getting to Mars in his first time. The President has just signed a bill directing NASA to put humans on Mars by the 2030s.

The President acted as if he knew nothing about the bill he just signed, and in a playful manner asked Peggy Whitson, “Tell me, Mars, what do you see a timing for actually sending humans to Mars?”

She replied, “Well, I think as your bill directed it will be approximately in the 2030s.”

Today, @AstroPeggy broke the record for total time in space by a US astronaut. @POTUS Trump called to offer congrats https://t.co/LGwBanQiZp pic.twitter.com/zIFNN4QyIJ

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