Oops! Democrat Darling John Ossoff Failed to Vote in 2012 Election and Doesn’t Live in District

BREAKING: Jon Ossoff Failed To Vote In The 2012 Presidential Campaign

He doesn’t live in the district and he didn’t even vote in 2012.

Democrat hopeful doesn’t live in District he’s running in — SO HE COULDN’T VOTE IN HIS OWN PRIMARY!

Jon Ossoff doesn’t live in the district — but wants your vote.

In an interview with CNN this week, Ossoff was pressed twice about that fact, and could only dodge the question ineptly:

America Rising has the latest on Ossoff:

Jon Ossoff made big news this week when he faced repeated questions about the fact that he can’t vote in the GA-6 special election. Now CNN revealed more damaging details about Ossoff’s voting history.

In 2012, Ossoff didn’t vote in the presidential election because he was living in London at the time:

“Democratic congressional candidate Jon Ossoff didn’t vote in the 2012 presidential election because he was studying at the London School of Economics at the time, his campaign told CNN’s KFile on Thursday evening.”

Ossoff has already come under fire for locating his business in London, not Georgia. This latest embarrassing disclosure is sure to revive concerns about Ossoff’s lack of connections to the district he wants to represent.


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