MEGA BUST: Pro-Illegal Alien ‘Mega March 2017’ in Dallas a Mega Dud; Less Than One Percent of 2006 March

A pro-illegal alien march and rally held in Dallas on Sunday called Mega March 2017 drew several thousand attendees, way short of the 100,000 planned for by organizers. The turnout pales in comparison to the 2006 Mega March in Dallas that drew an estimated 500,000 and stretched many packed city blocks. In contrast the 2017 Mega March only thinly fills half the lanes of about six blocks as seen from aerial video by KXAS-TV.

UPDATE: Dallas Police released their march attendance estimate: about 3,200–less than one percent of the 500,000 who marched in 2006. “The #MegaMarch2017 is winding down. The crowd estimate was about 3,200 and there were no reported incidents or arrests.”

Aerial photos posted by the Dallas Police show the less than impressive turnout as compared to 2006.

It appears the organizers compressed the march to half the width of the road in order to make the march appear better attended it actually is.

Here is a photo of the 2006 Mega March in Dallas from the same perspective of the church that shows a wall of people packing the street as far as the eye can see.

Image via Dallas Morning News Twitter post.

Organizers of the rally made their pro-illegal alien agenda clear in a tweet on Saturday promoting the march, “We demand that the aggressions against the #Undocumented and #Immigrant community stop. #Resistance #HereToStay #NoBanNoWall #HumanRights”

The Dallas Democratic Party also posted their support for unchecked illegal immigration with the use of the hashtag #NoBanNoWallNoRaids.

Curiously, the photo the Democrats displayed features Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins at the march giving a thumbs up to the camera. (So much for that oath to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law, right, Your Honor?)

The organizers have ensured that American flags are prominently displayed at the march, unlike the marches where illegals are free to show how they really feel and carry the flags from their home countries while burning American flags.

Dallas Police posted twin photos of the march at the end point of City Hall.

A reporter posted side by side photos of the 2006 and 2017 Mega Marches.

This Dallas reporter gave an honest apparaisal of the turnout.

In case anyone was fooled by the enforced display of American flags, these protesters delivered the true message behind the Mega March

A report by KTVT-TV put attendance as “several thousand.”

“Several thousand people marched through the streets of downtown Dallas Sunday for immigration reform.”

KTVT posted a photo of the thinly attended march as it made its way through Dallas.

MORE—- FOX and Friends carried the story on Monday.

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