Idiot Hollywood Writers Who Pushed Obamacare May Strike Over Failing Healthcare Plans (VIDEO)

Once again, Hollywood writers are on the verge of a strike . . .

Healthcare is at the forefront of the current contract negotiations between Hollywood writers and their employers. Ironically enough, “the writers’ own efforts to promote the passage of Obamacare in 2009 may have contributed to the precarious predicament in which they find themselves today.”

The WGA (Writers Guild of America), which is a two-pronged labor union that represents film, television, radio, and new media writers, was supposed to workout a deal on Monday for the contract that expires on May 1, but it has since been put on hold until Tuesday, April 25, just four days until the deadline.

Breitbart reports:


An apparent breakdown in negotiations so close to the contract expiration date has Hollywood studios reportedly bracing for the possibility of an imminent strike.

One major sticking point in the negotiations is the unions’ ailing health care plans, which reportedly face insolvency in three years due in large part to the astronomical rise in costs imposed throughout the health care industry by Obamacare. But in a plot twist usually reserved for their best dramas, it was actually top-tier Hollywood screenwriters that helped create the environment for the controversial bill’s passage.

Back in ’09, Breitbart reported efforts by the Obama administration to turn Hollywood into their personal propaganda machine regarding Obamacare and other issues close to Obama’s heart. The effort was initially disguised as a “volunteerism” campaign and instead featured our now current cast of #FakeNews figures: CNN, L.A. Times, and more.

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