GOP Leaders to Drop Funding for Border Wall from Budget – Paul Ryan Says Maybe Next Year

GOP leaders are ready to burn President Trump and remove funding for the Trump border wall in order to woo Democrats in the Senate.

Republicans hold a majority in both the US House of Representatives and US Senate.

And –ALREADY– less than 100 days into his first term in office they are ready to drop funding for the border wall.


Despite President Trump’s request for more than $1 billion to fund the Mexican border wall this year, Paul Ryan is expected to exclude the money in the April spending bill.

Ryan recently told reporters funding for the border wall may be included in next year’s bill.
CBS News reported:

Ryan suggested that Congress won’t fulfill the Trump administration’s request for additional money for the Department of Homeland Security for the border wall for this year, though he said there will be funding for border security.

“The big chunk of money for the wall, really, is…next fiscal year’s appropriations because they literally can’t start construction even this quickly,” he said.

In its initial budget blueprint released earlier this month, the White House had requested $1.4 billion for the current fiscal year to fund the initial developments of the wall. Democrats have suggested they would oppose any spending bill that includes money for the proposed wall.

Despite Paul Ryan’s comments, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirmed Monday construction is beginning with prototypes in San Diego, California in June.

So the companies will begin building the 30 foot wall in San Diego in June but there may not be funding for the project – thanks to Paul Ryan and the weakling Republicans in Congress.

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