‘Based Stickman’ is Confronted by Thugs in Berkeley Who Quickly Learn Their Lesson (VIDEO)

Kyle Chapman, known pseudonymously on the Internet as “Based Stickman” was confronted in Berkeley by leftist thugs, watch what happens . . .

Monday, while promoting a free speech rally that is taking place this weekend, Kyle Chapman was walking around Berkeley dressed in his usual patriot attire when a group confronted him simply because he was holding an American flag.

Chapman and his cameraman were told to leave by the thugs. Quickly, the situation escalated.

One of the men, 33-year-old Emmanuel Hall, got in Chapman’s face and challenged him to fight. Chapman then rocked his aggressor with a fist to the face and then a second aggressor swung at and hit Chapman with a skateboard. The group then called the police on Chapman.

Both Emmanuel Hall and Chapman received citations.

Chapman captioned the video:

This is another example of left-wing thugs trying to intimidate and threaten real Americans when we try to exercise our First Amendment rights. We CANNOT let that fly.