Speaker Paul Ryan Blames Senate for Do-Nothing Congress (Video)

Speaker Paul Ryan went on with Tucker Carlson on Wednesday to discuss the current healthcare law that was proposed on Tuesday.

Tucker confronted Speaker Ryan on the fact that nothing meaningful has made its way through Congress.

Tucker Carlson: There’s a lot of stuff that hasn’t been done that he promised that hasn’t made it through Congress. But 8 days (in April) is not a long time to be working

Speaker Ryan responded: The real why is because how long it takes to pass things through the senate…

Tucker Carlson: But in the House, are they the reason you are only there for 8 days in April?

Speaker Ryan: We want to go talk to our constituents. We want to go listen to our constituents.

Tucker Carlson: But you have a new administration that can’t get anything through Congress. Should you just put all that on hold and just say we’re going to get this done? Eight days is not a lot, right?

Speaker Ryan: I don’t know on the top of my head if that is a correct stat.

Tucker Carlson: I think it’s correct.

Speaker Ryan: OK. I’ll take your word for it. The point is we’re piling up so many things in the senate.

Paul Ryan wants House Republicans to go back to their districts to get pummeled by angry astroturfed liberal protesters rather than pass legislation to help working Americans.


This guy needs to go.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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