Students Sleep While Sen. Graham Offers No New Info on Russian Hacking Claims

Washington, D.C. – Students on a field trip to the Senate doze off, one by one, as RINO Lindsay Graham held an open hearing today on Russian hacking. The outlined purpose of this hearing, according to the subcommittee, was “to examine the tools Russia uses to undermine democracies across the globe.”

This was the first of such hearings. Politico had previously pitched this as a groundbreaking forum for Graham, a fierce critic of the President and the Administration, to swing a few death blows. Politico declared that during the hearing, Sen Graham and his Democratic counterpart Sen Whitehouse had the opportunity to “seize the spotlight Wednesday during a public hearing on Russia’s election interference, to be held by Graham’s Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism, which has jurisdiction over the FBI.” Such was not the case, perhaps they forgot to plug the spotlight in.

During the over two and a half hour hearing, Senator Graham, and pals, regurgitated the same tired claims they have levied since the Administration took office. The hearing did not deal with “tools” Russia uses “across the globe”, but specifically focused on Russian interference in the 2016 US elections and Trump’s wiretapping claims. Throughout the hearing, Senator Graham worked to undermine the Trump Administration, an Administration that he has been vocally opposed to since day one.


Once again: during the much anticipated Wednesday hearing on Russian hacking, absolutely no new evidence was actually entered into the record to justify the claim that “Russia undermined American Democracy.” At the end of the largely uneventful hearing, Sen. Al Franken plugged a book on Russian hacking, and then the room funneled out for coffee.

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