Mass. State Rep. Tips Off Illegals of Specific Date and Location of ICE Raids on Social Media

Massachusetts State Representative, Michelle Dubois took to Facebook to warn illegal aliens that ICE would be doing raids in the community of Brockton on Wednesday, March 29th.

Ms. DuBois even gave specific instructions to illegal aliens to stay inside ‘don’t go out on the street’ and if there was a knock on the door, not to answer the door.

Even if DuBois’ source isn’t accurate and ICE raids aren’t happening at this specific location and time, why is a State Rep. aiding and abetting illegal aliens? This is more proof that Democrats have contempt for law abiding, legal citizens and seek to protect the invaders who are raping and murdering Americans.

Illegal aliens are also a huge financial drain on our system, bogging down our schools and healthcare, but hey the Democrats need them as they are a huge precious voting block for them.

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